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WeLoveFilms Toolbar is a wonderful plug-in for your browser. It is available for Internet Explorer, Safari and FireFox browsers. As soon as you have installed it, you will have an instant access to the best WeLoveFilms community web sites. You will receive the latest news, a wide range of useful links, alerts and many more. So, you will get an access to the huge Internet Movie Database, where you can search for your favorite films, TV shows and videos.

Moreover, there is a link to the Jinni.com resources allowing you to see taste-based recommendations of movies and TV shows. Furthermore, there are links to the latest movies. With Tube+ resources you can watch free full-length TV shows and movies online as well as a huge collection of video streams. Besides, it enables you to use a YouTube Gadget to search for films, etc. you want. There is also a link to the Babylon.com web site, where you can download the latest version of the Babylon dictionary for free. Online Radio Player is also included.

WeLoveFilms Toolbar is completely customizable. You can add the desired components to suit your needs.

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